1.spring is a lot of rain,summer is hot,autumn is the best season in a year,it is cool and busy ,winter is cold and sonetimes snowy.春天是多雨的,夏天是炎热的,秋天是一年中最好的季节,它很凉爽而且忙碌,冬天是寒冷的,有时会下雪。

  2.that is an oil painting of a landscape in spring.那是一幅描绘春天景色的油画

  3.the travelers were beguiled by the beauty of the landscapes.游客们被景色的美丽所陶醉。

  4.strong technical skills enhance a beautiful scene that compares traditional and contemporized architectural styles.很强的技巧加强了景色的美感,在传统和现代化了的建筑风格之间的对比。

  5.this extraordinary natural preserve shelters a primeval forest, the continent’s largest population of brown bears, sizeable packs of wolves, and a host of other creatures which have all but disappeared elsewhere专门捕捉大自然美丽景色的导演高史林百格将会透过节目带大家融入这处仙境,享受大自然的真善美。


  a creek twines the vast green field just like the blue color satin ribbon, a distant place modelling is being plain, color harmonious hut, a school of beautiful moving rural scenery!


  an ancient windmill, windmill's wind leaf opens likely the wing, rotates against the wind, with the green grass, the wild flower constituted the unique view this fairy tale world addition mysterious color!





  a right color bright, fine gorgeous, is drafting the happy love sabot likely! also has that magnificent tulip to fall the season which innumerable sweetheart ...... the tulip smells as sweet, the tender and beautiful charming girl's smiling face like flower passes on fragrantly ......

  spooky bund, windmill, green grass, den, satisfied prosperous curcuma

  fragrant flowers field, intermittent fragrant, windmill long extension! this is the dream?

  9.高高的建筑也是一种艺术品,古典、优雅,像一幅浓郁的油漆彩画! 到处弥漫着绿色,连空气也飘着青草味


  the high construction is also one kind of artware, is classical, is graceful, looks like a rich paint color painting! everywhere is filling the green, is also fluttering including the air green grass taste all around green and glossy, the green startled colorful, the windmill also stops down, is infatuated with in the beautiful scene ......


  spring renews the earth.


  1、a long road appears right through the shadowy woods leading me to an unkonwn place.一条幽长的小路映入眼帘,它穿过阴暗的小树林,伸向未知的世界.

  2、we, the rustling leaves, have a voice that answers the storms, but who are you so silent? i am a mere flower.我们萧萧的树叶都有声响回答那风和雨。你是谁呢,那样的沉默着?我不过是一朵花。

  3、do not seat your love upon a precipice because it is high.不要因为峭壁是高的,便让你的爱情坐在峭壁上。

  4、the world rushes on over the strings of the lingering heart making the music of sadness.世界在踌躇之心的琴弦上跑过去,奏出忧郁的乐声。

  5、stray birds of summer come to my window to sing and fly away.夏天的飞鸟,飞到我的窗前唱歌,又飞去了。

  6、the trees come up to my window like the yearning voice of the dumb earth.绿树长到了我的窗前,仿佛是喑哑的大地发出的渴望的声音。

  7、the trees, like the longings of the earth, stand atiptoe to peep at the heaven.群树如表示大地的愿望似的,踮起脚来向天空窥望。

  8、woman, when you move about in your household service your limbs sing like a hill stream among its pebbles.妇人,你在料理家务的时候,你的手足歌唱着,正如山间的溪水歌唱着在小石中流过。

  9、this extraordinary natural preserve shelters a primeval forest, the continent's largest population of brown bears, sizeable packs of wolves, www.jintangorg and a host of other creatures which have all but disappeared elsewhere.专门捕捉大自然美丽景色的导演高史林百格将会透过节目带大家融入这处仙境,享受大自然的真善美。

  10、there little thoughts are the rustle of leaves; they have their whisper of joy in my mind.这些微(风思),是树叶的簌簌之声呀;它们在我的心里欢悦地微语着。

  11、i can see colorful flowers everywhere on the grass like jewels shining on a green table.我看见五彩的花朵,在绿色的草坪上绽放,犹如放在绿色桌子上展示的闪闪的宝石.

  12、sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent trees.忧思在我的心里平静下去,正如暮色降临在寂静的山林中。

  13、the mystery of creation is like the darkness of night--it is great. delusions of knowledge are like the fog of the morning.创造的神秘,有如夜间的黑暗--是伟大的。而知识的幻影却不过如晨间之雾。

  14、they throw their shadows before them who carry their lantern on their back.那些把灯背在背上的人,把他们的影子投到了自己前面。

  15、that i exist is a perpetual surprise which is life.我的存在,对我是一个永久的神奇,这就是生活。



  the country is very green in spring

  the flower looks like an angel, unfolded in the wind, under the sun


  i am deeply impressed/attracted by the scene before me.

  once three years ago, i went to qingdao, three years later when i again set foot on this piece of land of qingdao, i was deeply attracted by her beauty, such as the one after an absence of long-lover ... ...

  青岛三面环水,一面环山,独特的地理环境,造就了她得天独厚的风景人文景观。 qingdao is surrounded by water, one side by mountains, the unique geographical environment created a unique landscape of her cultural landscape.

  这次去青岛正好遇上下大雾,远处的楼群在雾中若隐若现。 trip to qingdao, right there under the fog, the distance-rise buildings looming in the fog. 据导游说,青岛的楼房建筑风格有26国风格之多,我没有细数,也分辨不出来。 according to tour guide said the architectural style of buildings in qingdao, there are 26 countries many styles, i did not breakdown, but also to distinguish not come out.


  qingdao city is built on the hills, he drove in a small mountain and clean streets, one will rise for a sink, one will be turning ninety degrees.


  people are curious to wait,hoping the next turn there was another round of beauty, but each time it failed, qingdao, will give visitors a disappointment. 跟随着导游的解说,我们一路左顾右盼,郁郁葱葱的青岛植物园、偌大的汇宾广场、旧时的德国监狱……还有很多我记不清的美丽景点,不断的从我们眼前闪过,然后慢慢向后边退去。

  followed guide, explanations, and we were glance right and left, qingdao lush botanical gardens, the huge department of bin square, the old german prison, i can not remember ... ... there are many beautiful spots, constantly flashed before our eyes from, and then slowly retreated behind.

  车窗外,一个红发、碧眼、高鼻梁的外国男士正在街边的人行道上小跑,他穿着运动的球衣球裤,显然是在锻炼,我不由自主的看了看表,才发现这是在午后! outside the car, a red hair, blue eyes, high nose of foreign men are street

  sidewalk trot, he was wearing sports pants jersey ball is clearly in the exercise, i could not help of looked at my watch, it was found that this is a afternoon! 青岛潮湿的空气、蒙蒙的薄雾和并不热烈的阳光会让你忘记了时间……听说青岛很多沿海的别墅楼群都被外国人买了去,作为他们休闲度假的场所。

  qingdao, moist air, misty haze, and do not let you forget the warm sun of time ... ... heard a lot of the coast of qingdao, villa-rise buildings have been bought to foreigners, as their venue for leisure.


  shrewd foreigners traveling the world after, the final choice of qingdao, qingdao, illustrates the charm and appeal!

  当你在青岛旅游观光的时候,也许在不远处的别墅里,正有一个金发、碧眼的美丽女郎,正在阳台上品着咖啡,朝着你深情的微笑……正所谓你在桥上看风景,楼上看风景的人在看你。 when you travel and tourism in qingdao, when,

  perhaps not far from the villa, is a blond, blue-eyed beautiful girl, is the balcony top grade of coffee, affectionate towards you smile ... ... the saying goes, you look at the bridge scenery, the people upstairs to see scenery see you.


  i always felt that people living in qingdao, is happy, the whole qingdao, like a big garden styles, uneven-rise buildings interspersed with the "garden" rather than the gardens, botanical gardens dotted the city !


  qingdao is not only a tourist's paradise, is also entertainment, dining, shopping paradise.


  japan's foot, south korea's food, the french carrefour and many other prestigious companies and brands have settled in qingdao.