in winter, the air wave with large snowflakes, not for a moment, then on the ground covered with white snow, people stepped in the thick soft snow, really comfortable ah! the branch also put on the white house jacket, with a string of pearls like ice, in the sun, her tears, with his last time to let people see her shining side. at this time, a few naughty figure on the streets, they wear a thick cotton padded jacket, scarf, hats and gloves, playing in the street. the snowball was flying in the air, and the sound of a child. the people heard the sound of running out, together, enjoying the beautiful scenery, watching the children playing happy scene, laughing and talking, people face exposed happy smile. this is a village - my hometown, how beautiful, harmonious, i love my hometown of winter!

  冬天,空中飘舞着鹅毛大雪,不一会儿,地上便铺满了洁白的雪,人们踩在这厚厚的软绵绵的雪上,真舒服啊!树枝也穿上了那白色的棉袄,房屋上结了一串串珍珠似的冰,在太阳的照射下—她流着泪,用自己最后的时光让人们看到她闪闪发光的一面。 这时,街道上出现了几个淘气包的身影,他们穿着厚厚的棉袄,围着围巾,戴着帽子和手套,在街道上玩耍。雪球在空中飞舞着,时不时传来一个孩子的叫声。人们听见这声便跑出来,聚在一起,一边欣赏着美丽的景色,看着孩子们玩耍时快乐的情景,有说有笑,人们的脸上都露出了幸福的笑容。 这是村庄—我的家乡,多么的美丽,和谐,我爱家乡的冬天!


  one morning in the winter, i went to school with my bag and found the fog below.

  oh the fog?! in front of the mountain the grass is green and luxuriant. shy, reluctant to take out the white fog to block. streets, villages, and pedestrians are shrouded in thick fog, the whole town is the fog of the sea. at first, on the road to see the figure, it was all gray, approached to see the contours of a person. in the street, the car has been raised by the lantern, a flash, and slowly move forward, as if the old man walking night. people walking in the sea of mist, like the fairy the eight immortals crossing the sea, seem to be yu yunduan. while the fog dispersed, while gather together, while rising, while landing. everywhere is white, everywhere is white, like a fairy and a white horse in the sky, but also like the myth of "water overflows golden hill". the sun in the sky is so small, the color is very light, very light, only a yellow plate.

  in the morning, the fog gradually faded, into a very thin and very thin yarn, in the air floated, sometimes far, sometimes near; sometimes high, sometimes low. this layer of yarn was soon in the hands of the gourd gourd, all gone. beautiful mountains, tall trees and all the world show their original face. look, the sun woke up, the sky is smiling to us!

  fog, you have brought us a change, brings the imagination, brings the joy, brings the colorful scenery.






  maybe because i was born in this season, so i have a strong desire for her.

  in this november, the winter was coming with with vigour and vitality, glaucous, with winter, in cold fog, loitering in the world. everywhere, there was her trail, and there was a trace of her. the wind -- she is the most reliable men, not when she was ready to let the sun appear before, always let wind blow first. today, the wind is big and fierce, this strong signal was true, the afternoon, is the sun of heaven and earth. the warm sunshine and summer sun is totally two samples. do not believe, you see, now the sun, light colors, the sunlight is weak, as it is in the air through a layer of film was shot to the earth. so clear, so warm, covered with mountains, covered with houses, cover me.

  my family lived in the school, the school also leaned on the mountain. i sat in front of the desk looked out into the mountains together, and not like flowers to each other, but polite, quietly near. yes, the cold weather, of course, closer, so that the heating! they will not forget the people, in the foot of the mountain path is left to people. the path with a sluggish stream, all the way to the highway to disperse.

  look, look, look, look, look, as if the cloud is also different. it is different from the past, past the clear sky, white clouds conspicuously reflected in the sky, a cloud, a pile of a pile, see more, they feel monotonous. who can be called winter or a fancy decoration designer, she will be the clouds scattered into a piece, so thin, so fragile, do not look carefully, really can not find it! really loud weather, just the clouds, people can understand. it is thin and crisp like clouds, like cakes loose, move, will fall a few pieces. looking at such delicate decoration, it really makes people feel interesting, think carefully, for fear that the birds inadvertently encountered it, will let this decoration broken, scattered.

  next month, the snow will fall. it will be its best dance mix, ice is the most well behaved children...