高中英语美文文章:《藏地密码》读后感 impression on “the tibet code”

  recently, i read a chinese monumental adventure masterpiece about tibetan culture –“the tibet code.” "the tibet code" is the only great adventure novel about pursuit of tibetan buddhism andtibetmillennium secret history in the world. reading this book, i have deeply felt something about the anchorage of life many times.


  still remember that, when the main hero in the novel mr. johnson sunk in the depth of the most dangerous and despairing abyss, his lover gave up for lost suddenly and then lost her breathing, lost her all hope and spirit support and tended to death. it’s the first time i have realized the strong power of the anchorage of life. another example, when a person in the work who has found his lost wife more than seventeen years found that his wife had been killed, he seemed old instantly and lost himself suddenly. in the last seventeen years, all that the person left with was to seek his wife back one day.


  these might be some kind of exaggerated in novel, but we have ever seen or heard the similar experiences in our real life. all these have told us the same: everyone has a basic hope of existence. once it’s broken, one would lost oneself and the meaning of life.


  this kind of hope can be a man, a word, belief or others. sometimes, we call this kind of hope as faith. it is well known that faith is a kind of anchorage in one’s life, no matter whether it’s true or not. with the faith being, one has power to do all what one wants, but once lost, one would lose all thoroughly, life included. therefore, never break one’s hope easily, or sometimes, you may break a man at the same time.


  高中英语美文文章:成功的秘诀 key to success

  to be or nor to be, that is a question. to succeed or to fail? how to succeed and how to achieve? these problems confuse many teenagers in nowadays.


  we all have dreams, and we all work hard to realize them. but there will always be some problems and setbacks to stop the pace of advance. when they appear, what should we do? to stop or to go on? mrs. curie told us the answer. we all know that mrs. curie discovered radium, but how many people really know how hard she worked? at that time, there were many people disapprove of mrs. curie. although she got over hundreds of difficulties, she still believed in herself and never gave up. finally, she succeeded to discover radium. she proved that she was right by her continuous hard work and her strong spirit. we should learn from mrs. curie. she told us the truth through her own experiences that believe in yourself, you can do it! never give up, face the difficulties with a smile, someday, you will be proud of yourself.


  the key to success is confidence. it makes you brave, helps you get over the troubles, and brings motivation to you. for example, somebody always get nervous when they have an important speech, if they are in a nervous mood, the results are always terrible. but if they are confident to themselves, the results turn out to be better. therefore, be confident, believe in yourself, keep smile in your face when comes to difficulties, and you will achieve more.


  高中英语美文文章:如何实现个人成长的目标?how can you achieve goals for personal growth?

  on our journey to find our true self and achieve our full potential, we sometimes get into hard times. however, we must never lose hope for the future, which will help us to achieve personal growth. the following ideas may help you to reach your goals for personal growth.


  1. find challenges

  if you don't find any challenges to your life, you won’t have motivation and anxiety to development. you should understand that staying too much in your comfort zone would just keep you staying where you are and therefore never improve. so try to find new challenges that would further develop your strength and therefore achieve your peak performance.



  2. always have a positive mind

  you should develop a positive mind, as this would be useful when you face challenge along the way. through this type of mind, you will be able to continue with your life no matter how hard the situation is. you should always find a reason to be happy, which will fuel you to go on further and further until you reach your destination.



  3. you are not alone

  this is a very important factor. sometimes we are so stubborn about doing things on our own that we don't ask others for help. generally speaking, doing things alone isn't wrong, and, in fact, it's even preferred to be independent. however, there are really instances in our life that we need to ask others for help. you shouldn't regard it as being weak, and other people won't think less of you if you do this. we humans are communal individuals and we could achieve more in this world if we help one another. so don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it, and also lend a hand to others when they need you.



  4. plan

  if you want to achieve something, don't be in a rush. you need to make good preparations before action, that is, to plan your overall course of action in advance. create a goal that you are ready to bet your life on, and check it to see if it is really the goal you want to attain before you give it your all without second thoughts. when you're sure about it, plan the ways to achieve and to evaluate it if your process is effective while still along the way. you can change your course of action while you still have time. make sure that your goals are specific, attainable and time limited. in this way you can make sure you are not planning to fail, but to be successful in your search for personal growth.



  5. consistency

  consistency is the key to securing self-improvement; however, being able to do this is really hard. still, you need to prepare to pay your dues if you want to reach your goal in life.